We have created many web applications for various organizations and businesses. We can also custom create the application based on your requirements.

Check out some of the sample applications we have created below.

ASSET Management System

managementManage your Assets (MACHINE & MANPOWER) and their Maintenance Plan or History better.

MACHINES (Equipments, Tester, Vehicles etc.) have their own maintenance programs such as Inspection, Service, Certification or Calibration, Licenses and Renewal etc. These records can sometime be overlooked and the expired status only noticed when we want to use them.

MANPOWER (Staff) also have their Certification or License in order to perform their task. Some time, the quality or usability of products depend on the staff licenses or certification validity status. These can also be overlooked as well if you don’t have a proper record and monitoring system.

With this system, you can monitor and plan ahead for the action to be taken before they get expired.

Try out the LIVE SYSTEM here.

Automobile Service System

managementManage your workshop better.

Record vehicle's or customer's service history. Invoice services, parts stock management and more.

Try out the system here.

Cobbler Service System

managementManage your shoe repair or similar service better.

Record customer's service histories. Invoicing, stock management and more.

Try out the system here.

Insurance Agency System

managementManage your insurance agency better.

Search for client's policies and info FAST. Track agent commission and others for business analysis.

Try out the system here.

Inventory Management System

managementComplete Products or Parts Inventory system which cover from Purchase Orders (Suppliers) to Orders (Customers).

  • Manage your Inventory like stock IN and OUT with history.
  • Each product has own storage location(s) and can be monitored.
  • Transaction In & Out with stock availability validation (can not take out more than available stock).
  • Monitor Products or Parts which stock level are below defined quantity level. (LOW Stock monitoring to initiate purchase).
  • Monitor Purchase Orders which are in progress of receiving (system record receiving quantity and overall percentage).
  • Monitor completed Purchase orders (received 100%) for payment to Suppliers.
  • many more

Try out the system here.

Invoicing System

managementCreate and manage your invoices with ease.

No more duplicate number, no more pricing issues. All info is here and easy to refer.

Try out the system here.

Law Firm

managementManage your Law Firm better.

Search for client's Cases and info FAST. Track lawyer's progress on handling the cases.
Auto generate case tasks based on preset Practice Area.
Track the cost accumulate for each case.

Try out the LIVE SYSTEM here.

Order System

managementManage your trading order system.

Record customer's orders histories. Invoicing, stock management and more.

Try out the system here.

Project Management System

managementThis system can help you to manage and monitor your projects, tasks and even costing better.

Try out the system here.

Safety Management System

managementManage your organization Safety and Health better.

Record incidents and accidents info FAST. Manage and check contractor status easily.

Try out the system here.

Travel Agency System

managementManage your travel agency better.

Search for travel packages and info FAST. Send quotation to clients easily.

Try out the system here.