ASSET Management System

managementManage your Assets (MACHINE & MANPOWER) and their Maintenance Plan or History better.

MACHINES (Equipments, Tester, Vehicles etc.) have their own maintenance programs such as Inspection, Service, Certification or Calibration, Licenses and Renewal etc. These records can sometime be overlooked and the expired status only noticed when we want to use them.

MANPOWER (Staff) also have their Certification or License in order to perform their task. Some time, the quality or usability of products depend on the staff licenses or certification validity status. These can also be overlooked as well if you don’t have a proper record and monitoring system.

With this system, you can monitor and plan ahead for the action to be taken before they get expired.

Try out the LIVE SYSTEM here.

 Features & Benefits

  • Everybody can share the same database (no more sharing spreadsheet files)
  • Improve Data Quality (standard and clean)
  • Secure and Safe (User Access Control & Backup)
  • Easy & Fast to search for information (asset / staff document expiry, location, training record etc).
  • Can save or attach documents (PDF etc) for each asset / staff.
  • User friendly dashboard to point the issue (expiry deadline etc.)
  • Export data to Excel for further analysis
  • Can access from ANYWHERE and ANYTIME (if hosted in cloud)
  • System will automatically generate next service or maintenance plan for asset.
  • Fully customisable based on your requirements.

This is a sample of the home page. You can manage (view, insert, edit etc) the information.

SCR 20230723 hori


Table View of each database. You can sort or filter the records based on the information that your need.

SCR 20230723 htcy


This is the Detail View of each record. Example here showing one of the Asset record. The Expiry Date and Status is automatically updated based on each asset's next coming event (inspection, calibration, service or maintenance etc.) whichever come first.

SCR 20230723 hrif


Below are the detail views of the Staff's Licenses or Certification status and their Training Records

SCR 20230807 hlla

SCR 20230807 hlla