Web Applications

web appWe focus in creating a fully customizable web applications for SME. We understand the need of having a "system" in your organization which is tailored for your team and cost effective.

Increased Internet usage among companies and individuals has influenced the way businesses are run. This has led to the widespread adoption of web applications as companies shift from traditional information or data keeping method by using spreadsheet such as excel etc. Web applications give businesses the ability to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, reduce mistakes and costs.

These online apps such as webmail, online forms and other web applications provide the same functionality as the desktop versions. However, they have an added advantage of working across multiple platforms, having a broader reach, and being easily accessible from anywhere as long you have internet.

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Interpretation & Translation

interpretationWe provide Japanese to / from Bahasa Melayu or English interpretation and translation services. Our clients range from multinational companies to individuals and we are happy to help you too.

Aerial Video / Photo graphy

aerial mappingYou want a drone shot but you don't have a drone or don’t want to buy or you don’t know how to operate one....

Don’t worry, we can help you with that with a minimal cost. Just contact us...