Web Applications

web appWe focus in creating a fully customizable web applications for SME. We understand the need of having a "system" in your organization which is tailored for your team and cost effective.

Increased Internet usage among companies and individuals has influenced the way businesses are run. This has led to the widespread adoption of web applications as companies shift from traditional information or data keeping method by using spreadsheet such as excel etc. Web applications give businesses the ability to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, reduce mistakes and costs.

These online apps such as webmail, online forms and other web applications provide the same functionality as the desktop versions. However, they have an added advantage of working across multiple platforms, having a broader reach, and being easily accessible from anywhere as long you have internet.

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Why use our crafted web application?


  • RAPID Development (Time to market)
    • First impression in minutes, not days.
    • First functional web application in days, not weeks.
    • Full featured web application in days or weeks, not months.
    • Need a new table? No problem. Need additional fields? No Problem. Need to upload files (such as PDF etc.) to an existing table? No problem. Such requirements can be fulfilled in minutes.
    • Want to change permissions per user or group on certain data tables? A matter of minutes.

  •  Server-Platform
    • Runs (almost) everywhere - The components required on serverside can run almost everywhere. You don't need any Docker nor NodeJS nor other environment on serverside, but you can run the stack at almost every hosting provider's hosting package.
    • Proven technology stack - Still, the combination of Apache webserver, MySQL/MariaDB database server and PHP as serverside programming language is one of the most used full stack web development stacks available on almost every platform (LAMP, WAMP, MAMP).
    • Sensitive and confidential data can be kept in local server.

  • Client Platform
    • No installation on the client side. Just use a modern web browser such as Safari or Chrome or Firefox or Edge etc.
    • Runs (almost) everywhere (PC, Notebook, Tablet, Mac, Smartphone). No need to develop mobile app.
    • Intuitive UI: Once you have understood how to use tables and detail views, you can use the application based on this platform without any further training.

  • Database
    • Automatic database creation and Automatic database migration.
      Those of you who have ever developed databases that are available in different versions (Development, Test, Production, Archive) or that have to be kept up to date on different systems (Development, Production version 1.0, Test Version 1.1, update Production to Version 1.1, etc.) will know how much time this can take and how carefully and precisely work has to be done to avoid data loss. Automatic database schema migration, out of the box.

  • Security
    • User, Group and Session-Management built in including Session Timeouts and redirection.
    • Generated code already contains protection against
      • Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS)
      • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF/XSRF)
      • SQL-injection
      • Proven concept
      • Tested code base
      • Source Code can be provided for audit if needed.
  • Features
      • Flexible and Fast Search (just type some keyword and search)
      • Customisable Table Column selection (show only what you need)
      • Customisable Data accessing system (who can do what).
      • Customisable validation system (numbers, dates, text etc.)
      • User friendly Filtering system (to get the information you need)
      • Customisable information printout format
      • Downloadable data in CSV format (excel friendly)
      • Customisable reporting (just with few clicks)
      • Calendar function
      • Internal messaging function
      • Batch data Update function
      • External data import function