Law Firm

managementManage your Law Firm better.

Search for client's Cases and info FAST. Track lawyer's progress on handling the cases.
Auto generate case tasks based on preset Practice Area.
Track the cost accumulate for each case.

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Features & Benefits
  • Everybody can share the same database (no more sharing excel files)
  • Improve Data Quality (standard and clean)
  • Secure and Safe (User Access Control & Backup)
  • Easy & fast to SEARCH for information and also case file location.
  • Can save or attach documents (PDF etc) for each cases.
  • User friendly dashboard to point the issue (case deadline etc.)
  • Generate reports for business analysis (lawyers production etc.)
  • Export data to Excel for further analysis
  • Can access from ANYWHERE and ANYTIME (if hosted in cloud)
  • You will be happy...your Partners & Lawyers will be happy.... and your Clients will be happy too :)

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